Video: Evo Review Porsche’s New 991 GT3, Prove and Disprove My Points


I challenged Porsche the other day when I wrote in an Uncooked Truth, basically calling them fools for not having a manual gearbox in the latest iteration of the GT3, the 991 911.

I said that Porsche opted for a PDK-only GT3 because they were itching to beat the Nissan GT-R, that’s it and that’s all. I also believe that a PDK can’t be nearly as much fun, thrilling, nor as involving as a good ol’ fashioned manual.

Well Evo have tested the 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 in their latest video review. They’ve even tested it against the McLaren MP4-12C on the track, and a GT-R on the road.

So am I right that they’re trying to beat the GT-R? Could I be correct that the manual would be better, and that a “raw” sports car with paddles is less engaging? Well, you be the judge. It’s worth every minute, I assure you. The sound, look, and sex appeal is fantastic.

Congratulations and shame on you, Porsche, all at the same time.

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[Source: Evo via YouTube]



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  • Mark Gold

    If it’s lap times you’re worried about then PDK is the way to go, no question. But if you’re like myself, and more interested in direct feedback and an engaging drive, then a manual is better, hands down. The GT3 has been historically known for providing the most tactile feedback of any street-legal Porsche. The lack of a proper row, row, row your own gearbox, is a big mistake on the part of Porsche, plain and simple.