Video Review: 2012 Lotus Evora S


Recently we had the 2012 Lotus Evora S for a week. For two days of that week we went to the mountains of North Carolina to give it a proper ringing out. Here’s that video.

It should be noted that the Evora S is the first real video review I’ve tried to do, so please realize that each review will get better. But still feel free to criticize.

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A big thank you goes to Fernando Cruz, of FCX Photography, for taking such provocative and beautiful shots of the 2012 Lotus Evora S in his makeshift garage studio he made for this car.

2012 Lotus Evora S MSRP: $77,600

Price with options: $89,745


Engine: Supercharged 3.5-liter DOHC V6

Horsepower: 345 @ 7000 rpm

Torque: 295 @ 4500 rpm

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Curb Weight: 3,168 lbs.

0 – 60 mph: 4.3 seconds

Max Speed: 178 mph

Fuel Economy: 17 City/26 Highway

Options list:

6-Speed Manual Transmission Standard

Premium Package – Sport – $3,250

Sport Package Standard

Technology Package – $3,100

Reversing Camera – $550

Gunmetal Forged Design Wheels – $2,750

Metallic Paint – $1,200

Destination Charge – $1,295

The Good: Performance; Exotic-ness; People think it’s a spaceship; No one can hate you driving it; Comfort on the highway is better than you’d imagine; There’s plenty of power in 6th gear; People think you spent near-200 grand for a $90,000 car.
The Bad: Sat-nav screen is too dim during the day with no adjustment; iPod connectivity is a breeze, but it’s hard to know what to push when trying to change artists, playlists, etc.; Obsessive compulsive button pushing.
The Ugly: The executive who’s above you will probably fire you for believing your Lotus cost you more than his Ferrari.
The Truth: If you’re looking for performance for the dollar, look away, my friend. This car is meant for the guy who enjoys what really matters: driving pleasure with good bits of comfort added in. You learn to care less about cup holders, gizmos and gadgets, and just enjoy the sound of the motor, feel of the transmission and clutch, and that perfect launch off the line every time. In the end, it’ll probably be the greatest car you ever drive and possibly own. Get it now before the Lotus Evora S actually costs $250,000 at Mecum or Barrett-Jackson.



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  • Mike Fischer

    This is for true racing enthusiasts….
    Twitter: @unocardealers

  • Eddie Frias

    Hey Josh,
    Not only am I a car enthusiast too, but my business is
    music also. I have been building and selling my own line of home audio
    speakers for over 18 years via the Internet. Maybe if you’re ever out in
    Arizona you can stop by and see my Evora S and listen to EFE TECHNOLOGY
    Speakers and some great music? Thanks for the down to earth review on
    the Lotus, I should see mine arriving in a few days, it’s been a long
    wait! 😉

    Ed Frias
    Prescott Arizona

  • Guest

    Tried to post a review but it wouldn’t let me????

  • Eddie Frias


    Well, I’ve had my Lotus for over a month now and just had the first service
    (1 k miles). I drove it fairly easy breaking the car in as the owners
    manual recommends for the first thousand miles. Now I’ve opened it
    up for the first time and took it to redline (7k rpm) and all I can say
    is “what an incredible vehicle!” The handling is second to none and
    better than all the sports cars I’ve ever owned (at least 15) over the
    last 30 years and the grip on the road is bordering incredible even
    though it doesn’t have as wide a tires as other cars I’ve driven. I took
    a high speed turn at *** mph and even though the road had bumps and
    some pot holes, the car stuck to the ground as if the pavement was
    perfectly flat, UNBELIEVABLE!!! I could feel the road bumps but they had
    no effect even though the g-forces were pushing hard on the turn. Lotus
    has built only race and track cars from its inception and when they say
    they have tuned the Evora S suspension for the track, they have tuned
    it like nothing I have ever experienced, and everybody knows my last car
    was basically a race car from GM (Z06).

    I would rate the acceleration of the Evora S as somewhere between a
    standard C6 and my Z06, even though it is only rated 345HP. Placing the
    engine transverse in a drive train has much less power loss due to not
    having a universal joint. The power from this 3.5 liter Supercharged V6
    feels like a good 450HP V8. The supercharger supplies extra power across
    the rpm scale in a very linear fashion, it comes on very early and
    pulls all the way to redline (7k). The close ratio transmission also
    contributes to its quick acceleration, the gears are truly spaced very
    close to each other and each shift pulls as hard as going from 1st to
    2nd gear, there is no big drop off in 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th gear. Most
    cars 6th gear is an overdrive but not with the Lotus, thus the reason
    why it is only rated with a top speed of 178mph and it doesn’t take long
    to get there. 1st gear is fairly low and it enables the car to come out
    of the hole very quickly without having to rev the engine and pop the
    clutch, the 7k redline arrives very fast in every gear. The exhaust
    note Lotus gets from this engine sounds more like a Aston Martin V12
    than a V6.

    The negative as many would say is getting in and out of the car, it’s not
    as easy as a Corvette to enter and exit. But once in and the telescopic
    steering and Recaro seat adjusted to your body, it is pure comfort and
    total support under all conditions. Even though this is the only true
    sports car in the world with a back seat (small kids only), the front
    seat can be adjusted far enough back to accommodate a 6’4′ tall driver. I
    drove 256 miles to Las Vegas to have my first service last week and I
    couldn’t believe how comfortable the long four hour ride was. Even
    though the suspension is every bit as stiff as my Z06 was, it’s not as
    jarring or as hard a ride because of the difference with coil spring
    suspension and Bilstein shocks, this car takes bumps with a completely
    different attitude and it feels much better on my body. I actually went
    to non run flat tires on my Z06 to soften the ride but it was still
    much harder than the Evora, just two very different types of suspension.

    As with other mid-engine cars I’ve owned, the engine sound is very
    different when placed behind the driver, I can hear it but it’s nowhere
    as prevalent under hard acceleration as when placed in the front of the
    car. When cruising down the highway the car almost feels like a luxury
    car, it’s actually very quiet and smooth. As one magazine reviewer
    stated, he couldn’t believe this was the same car on a smooth highway
    that goes around a track like a race car with absolutely no leaning or
    swaying whatsoever. Not having an engine over the front wheels also
    makes the steering much lighter and it gives the driver a better sense
    of feeling the road and a greater sense of control as formula 1 and Indy
    cars do with rear engines. The drivers front vision is panoramic as the
    windshield wraps around at the edges and the quickly slopping front end
    allows you to see what’s directly in front of your toes. As with most
    mid-engine cars, the rear end view is almost non existent were it not
    for the rear camera that automatically turns the navigation display into
    a TV screen that covers everything from the rear license plate to a
    good 15 feet of depth and 10 feet of width. The side mirrors are big
    (which I love) and do a great job for seeing everything to your rear
    right and left sides.

    Another negative of the car is the front wheel well that intrudes into the area
    of the drivers feet, so Lotus has moved the clutch, brake and gas pedal
    over to the right a little to compensate. After a short time it becomes
    a non issue because the fun of driving it makes you forget everything
    else. The clutch is very smooth and engages without any effort or
    harshness. The brakes are a pure ecstasy, stopping the car a foot or two
    shorter than my previous Z06 (60-0 in 105ft) which was extremely good. I
    haven’t used the navigation but it’s a Pioneer combo unit offering
    AM/FM/XM, USB & I-pod inputs, a single CD, separate tweeters and
    woofers in the front and a subwoofer in the rear. The sound is decent
    but who wants to listen to the radio when you have that beautiful tone
    of the Lotus exhaust.

    From the factory, all US bound Lotus Evora’s are modified so all the daytime
    running lights as well as the headlights are on as soon as you start
    the car. A simple modification allowed me to convert it back to the
    original design so I can operate either the DRL and/or headlights as I
    desire. Who wants expensive Xenon lights running all the time? And both
    the normal and bright lights are Xenon, they definitely light up the
    entire front vision at night. The air conditioning and heating are
    manually controlled and both work very well, Lotus focuses on making
    pure race cars and creature comforts are secondary in their designs.

    The shape of each panel on the car, the rear integrated spoiler, side
    intakes and top rear lid vents, the rear lower diffuser, the front grill
    intakes and large hood vents are all designed to be a very important
    part of the cars function and aerodynamics at high speeds. I could feel
    the down force as I took the car through those high speed turns last
    week, more stable than any car I’ve ever driven at high speeds before.
    Lotus has done a magnificent job in the design and execution of their
    latest and only US bound sports car, the Evora S.

    Eddie Frias