Video: Caddies Can Make Ruckus?


What happens when you give JR Hildebrand of IndyCar fame and Formula D/Grand-Am driver Tyler McQuarrie Cadillac CTS-Vs for a day before the Long Beach GP? Well, Caddy Ruckus, of course.

Hildebrand was given the D3 CTS-V coupe with 750-hp, while poor McQuarrie was stuck with a bog standard 556-hp CTS-V coupe. What a bummer…

The video below was done on a closed street circuit before the race actually happened, as well as closed areas of highway and parking garages, and the two drivers are exceptionally experienced professionals. So, please, let’s leave these stunts up to them, huh?

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  • E39hottdogg

    That factory CTS-V at 556hp will not stay 556hp for too long, This Factory CTS-V is already schedule in at D3 Cadillac 2 week of May for a 850hp monster build…We’ll have Tyler come back and drive it then.