Super Bowl XLVI: Acura Make It Right


Acura debuted their new future NSX concept at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show just last month, and since then, everyone’s been buzzing about it. Well Acura went ahead and used that to their advantage for this year’s Super Bowl.

Acura, like most Japanese car companies, offer typically bland yet informative advertisements for their cars. This time, finally, they make one with no real purpose whatsoever. The real brilliance of this ad is Jerry Seinfeld doing everything he can for the first new NSX, running in to a potential issue with another car nut, Jay Leno.

The whole thing is absolutely perfect. It’s funny, witty, creative and just promotes the NSX the way it deserves.

Acura: Transactions



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  • JBsC5

    Not a fan of the new acura NSX shown ..its swoopy and all but hybrid? It may be politically correct but its boring the hell out of me. Jerry’s getting too old but it was good to see him swinging down the shoot lines all the same.. Of course jay Leno’s always cool too.