Boom-Shacka-Lacka: The Car Is The Best Place For Sex


Queue the cheesy, late-night Skinemax porn music, because according to a new survey, the car is the hottest place for your summer of love. As a car guy, this is good news. It just means that girls and guys alike still find cars to be a turn-on. Automobiles can be sexy, but now they’re the sexiest to do your horizontal mambo. Although I’d recommend bigger cars with lots of interior space. It may be a tad more difficult in something, say, the size of a MINI Cooper Coupe?

The study, conducted by StrategyOne for Trojan condoms, was done back in March of this year, and the answers and percentages were as follows:

So it’s that time of year when the convertibles are down, the ladies are lookin’ good, and the beach is warm. So go on out there and have a damn good and safe time, those are your orders from Dr. Autos himself. That’s me, by the way.

[Source: USA Today via Autoblog]



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  • BClinton

    Dr. Auto, How do I get a girl to do it in a car? I tried rev-ing the engine. She wasn’t impressed. :( I played with the stick shift, and nada… I laid my seat back, and she tried to get on top of me, but the seat belt, middle arm rest, and emergency break kept getting in the way. Any tips Doc?