My Dream Job: BMW Hires Me For Motorsports Testing Duty


So in a shocking phone call that I received just after 8:30 PM ET yesterday, I was asked to be a test driver for BMW Motorsport. However, there’s one problem with this… I can’t write about anything until the various series’ that they run are over for this season. The contract that I’m about to sign with BMW specifically states,

“In an effort to keep concentration levels high and inside information left inside BMW Motorsport of North America, we ask that you do not do any blogging, radio interviews or editorial work of any kind…”

So I, Josh Lewis, will be signing a deal with BMW Motorsport to bring me as a factory test driver for different racing series’ that they run. Basically what I’ll be doing is providing testing feedback, as well as getting to know the different likes and dislikes of certain drivers who drive in more than one racing series throughout the season. I’ll also be providing top secret testing for a new Motorsport vehicle that may or may not debut for the states.

That’s all I’m allowed to say at this moment… BMW said they will give me one last chance to write a “slightly” more detailed article just before I take my first laps in any car (their words, not mine). So until then, I’ll be around Facebook and Twitter if you’d like to chat with me about it.



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  • Milad Maheri

    is there any way you could give me the phone number for BMW Motorsport NA because i want to pursue a career in motorsport. Thanks.

  • Zendeedo Setiawan

    Hi Josh, is there anyway BMW Motorsport have a job vacancy for racing? I’m newbie and extremely eager to go for Racing, doesnt need to be on big league lke DTM or GT class but I would really love to be given a chance to be a racing driver. thanks :)