Fifth Gear Sees If A Human Can Be Faster Than A Computer On The Track


Tiff Needell and Jason Plato, probably the greatest duel artists on four wheels are back at it again. When they’re not almost crashing exotic sports cars trying to out pace the other, they’re actually answering real questions about the real abilities of the cars they’re driving.

For the latest season of Fifth Gear the old boys were at the Yas Marina F1 racing circuit in Abu Dhabi to see if a new Nissan GT-R with all of its electronic gizmos allows a professional racing driver to be faster than a professional driver without them.

Vicki is also in the brand spankin’ new hotness from Audi, the RS3 to see if its £40,000 price tag is worth it from the driving as well as its style to random passers-by.

Let’s roll the tape:

YouTube Preview Image



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