Time To Move On: My 2008 Bullitt Mustang Is For Sale


*UPDATE* I traded Jacqi in April of 2011, along with my ’05 Cooper S, for a 2009 E90 M3. So this car is no longer for sale.

Well it’s come time to do something that I’ve dreaded for years now. The time where I sell my beloved Bullitt. If you know me, or know RawAutos well enough, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with this car. I’m a nut about her.

I originally test drove the car I purchased in June of 2008, and then was invited up to a Ford press event in Dearborn, Michigan to drive the Bullitt and other Ford products around their test track. It was a done deal once I drove the Bullitt around the handling course and then the test track. It was the best car I’d driven in a long time. It felt just right. Except I wasn’t so sure that I could own a Ford Mustang…

I was then bad mouthed, banned and pressured into telling everyone that I made it up when I reported that the 2008-09 Bullitt was the basis for the 2010 Mustang GT (I was the first to do so). I was called all sorts of horrible names by some of the biggest Mustang forums around. But I stuck to my guns, and after the 2010 GT was released, it was revealed that the Bullitt actually was a full 2010 GT underneath. Gee, I wonder what those naysayers were snacking on after that information came out? I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with “pit burger”.

On August 21, 2008, after much tossing and turning, I traded my 2006 Mazda Mazdaspeed6 for the number 5,434th 2008 Bullitt Mustang ever produced, and shortly thereafter, I wrote a full ownership review of the car. Her name is Jacqi, after Jacqueline Bisset, the hottie that played Steve McQueen’s girlfriend in the movie Bullitt.

The car is completely stock, except for an 8-inch shortie antenna, and the only options on the car are Sirius satellite radio and HID headlights. She has a little over 42,000 miles on her, and she’s been serviced every 3-5,000 miles, as well as garage kept for most of her life.

Why am I selling, you ask? Well, as much as I love Jacqi, I’ve realized that I’m not the one to be able to take care of her anymore. I no longer have a garage space for her to be kept safe, and I don’t want to drive such a great car every day because of the collectible value. But at 24, going on 25, it’s extremely hard to not drive a car like this nearly every day. So I’m giving her up, as well as my 2005 MINI Cooper S, for an E90 BMW M3. The M3 is a car I wouldn’t be afraid to leave outside in the elements, and plus it’s a sedan. I tend to charter a lot of people around, as well as a lot of my own crap, so 4-doors and 5 seats just makes a lot more sense for me.

The car is currently averaging 23 mpg between mixed city and highway driving. She’s never been tracked, and I just put brand new, OEM size Pirelli P-Zero Nero All Season tires on her a little after 41,000 miles.

Jacqi needs a good home, folks. I’m not going to give her up to just anyone, though, because I’ve kept her stock and in great running order. I expect the next owner to do the same and not do crazy and ridiculous modifications to her. She’s perfect as-is.

The price for said car? I’m looking for $24,000.

So if you’re interested, please contact me via e-mail at josh[@]rawautos.com.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope someone out there will make a great owner for my baby…



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  • michael bressington

    Hi where and when can this car be inspected. love your ad. thank you michael

  • Anonymous


    I don’t know why you would feel good about leaving an M3 BMW
    out in the elements and not a Ford.

    My ’99 M Roadster (73k) and ’08 Bullitt (17k) both serve
    time either in the garage, or under a cover. 
    And that is in California, not a cold weather area.

    I don’t know if your ad was an old one, or a current one,
    but $24k at 43k miles seems overpriced at any rate.  My Bullitt appraised  at $21,750, and I think that is
    reasonable.  Especially since that is
    what I paid for it 19 mo. ago, when it had 5k miles on it.  But for your sake, I hope you find a buyer at
    your price.

    I addition to my Roadster, my wife drives an ’05 530i, and
    as I know you are aware, there is no comparison between the quality or road
    ability of a Mustang and a BMW.  Compared
    to the BMWs, my Mustang drives like a truck, but I’ve enjoyed the performance,
    look and sound of it.  Much to my regret,
    I am feeling the need to sell my Bullitt. 
    My intent was to sell the Roadster when I purchased the Bullitt, but I’ve
    chosen to keep the Roadster…after 19 mo. of procrastination.

    Best of luck with your M3…you will love it.

    Bob Meyer

    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

  • http://www.rawautos.com Josh Lewis


    Thank you for the comment, my friend. The M3, to me, while special and a great car, will never be as meaningful or special as Jacqi was to me. Being a big McQueen fan I felt the Bullitt was one of the best handling cars Ford’s ever produced. It’s also a hell of a collector’s car.

    Leaving the M3 in the elements doesn’t bother me so much because it’s replaceable to me. The Bullitt was irreplaceable.

    I’m a huge BMW guy, but the Bullitt was like no other.

    As for the price: I was expecting it to be a negotiation starter. Something to get people to bid on, in a sense. I’ve since traded the Bullitt for my M3. It was a good deal, so I didn’t pass it up.

  • Michael David

    I know how you feel about your “Bullitt,” there is something about her that makes it difficult to give you.  Fortunately, I can still maintain mine in a garage, never exposed to the elements and detailed 24/7.  She only has 7500 miles and is blemish free, sparkling as it came from the showroom!  
    I intend to purchase a 2012 or 2012 Roush or Saleen to compliment her.  Even considering a 2008-09 P51 Roush also. 

    Good Luck on your sale! 

  • Kennlou

    Is the car still for sale??

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, buddy, but the car is gone. It is, however, still for sale, I think, at Leith BMW in Raleigh, NC.

  • duesenberg


  • RawAutos

     Sorry, man. She is sold and gone. I got more than 18 for her when I traded her. But thank you for the offer!

  • Marathonmanleto


    You seem to know a lot about this vehicle. I just test drove a bullitt off a BMW used car lot taken in trade. It only has 1300 miles on it and it’s a real beauty. They are asking 27.9k for it. Is your view is that a fair price? May keep my BMW and drive this car sparingly. Just fell in love with it and am looking for some advice.


  • RawAutos

     In my opinion, that’s too much money from a dealer lot for that car. I know she has 1,300 miles, but you’ve got to remember that it’s been sitting for 4 years and only has those few miles on it. I always have a tough time paying money for a car that’s sat too long, or a car that’s been used too much. I say, go in and offer ’em about $23,000 and see what they say. They’ll probably say no, and then they may counter with 27 OTD (Out The Door). Remember, the price is always negotiable. They’re not in that car for any more than 22 grand, most likely.

  • josephusd

    Love your write-up on Jacqi – great name.
    I had Bullitt 12×1 – something, and I loved everything about that car, and I want it back.  Traded for a 2009 Shelby with 5K on the clock in April 2011.  Shelby was, and is, in brand new pristine concours condition.  Unabused – used on occasion, but never abused – condition.  Love the Shelby, but I want the Bullitt back.  I’m in Raleigh, NC, and will call Leith (the biggest rip off car dealer in America – my opinion) and let you know what they say if they still have it.

  • josephusd

     It’s gone.  Word is Mr. Leith snatched for his (huge) private collection.