Josh Lewis On RoundelTable Radio Tuesday Nights


On September 21, 2010, I, Josh Lewis, joined an interestingly original BMW Internet radio show on the Wheelspin network. It’s called RoundelTable Radio, and as I said, it’s all BMW, all the time. I was asked to be the co-host by the creator and main host of the show, Christiaan Conover.

It’s right up my alley, really. As much as I love pretty much all automakers, my heart always calls me back to BMW. Why? It’s hard to really quantify in a blog, but I just enjoy them. I know they’re not perfect, and I’ve gotten some flack on the show already from listerners for voicing my opinions about certain cars being better than the BMW they compete against.

Anyway, I digress. The point of this blog is to let you guys know that you can catch me on RoundelTable Radio every Tuesday night at 8 PM ET. It’s only an hour long show, so tune in, jump into the chatroom, and say what you want.




I'm a car, music, and Howard Stern aficionado. I also love planes, trains, anything to do with science and engineering, as well as politics. I'm working on my screenplays, TV shows, and a book or two. Stay tuned to when I'm really famous and even more awesome.

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  • JBsC5

    I always enjoy Roundeltable! I’m not even a BMW owner…yet I admire them…and enjoy the roundeltable show.

    Both you Josh and CConover are great!

    Keep up the great work! I look forward to listening the show each week.


  • Jonathan Brown

    Happy new year and hope to hear your next Roundeltable show.

    Your funny as hell and BMW’s are after all….”the ultimate driving machines”