BMW & MINI Suprise With Thought Provoking Super Bowl Adverts


BMW, The Ultimate Driving Machine. The ones who are usually in some type of European argument with Audi on who’s best has shocked all with two advertisements that are very good, but make you think. The first is about the BMW X3 being American made and designed… The second is how clean diesels are these days and how BMW’s 335d eradicates that stereotype.

And then there’s their MINI Countryman ad, “Cram it in the Boot!” It’s weird, funny and very much so a sexual innuendo. Is it weird that the guy’s name in the commercial is Josh too?



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  • Chris Thompson

    people have been ragging on the mini countryman ad but I laughed! over the top but hey it’s the super bowl! they have a HUGE new ad in times square in new york that is back to the “snow” angle. pics of the billboard are online –