Review: 2009 Pontiac G8 GT and the 2008 BMW 550i Sport


Test Drive Review: 2009 Pontiac G8 GT and the 2008 BMW 550i Sport.

Is it really a fair comparison? Most people would argue that comparing the BMW 550i to the Pontiac G8 GT is ludicrous, apples to oranges, or many other things like that. Well, Pontiac went a bit too far when they decided to advertise the G8 as better then the 5-Series. Is this true? Well, yes and no.

Yes, because it’s cheaper, very quick, more horsepower, and the epitome of American Muscle…

No, because it’s slower all across the board, heavier, American versus German, $30+K luxury compared to BMW $70+K perfection…

I’m here to give you the straight answer. Watch these videos and decide for yourself.

Thanks to Schaeffer BMW in Wilmington, NC for the Bimmer, and thanks to Gabriel and Daniel Szwec of Bill Sullivan Pontiac in Arlington Heights, IL.


BMW 550i Sport

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Pontiac G8 GT

YouTube Preview Image

Turn your volume up for this one…

YouTube Preview Image

Well, that’s pretty much what I think. Is the G8 a great car? Hell yes! Hands down an awesome car to drive at that price. You won’t get much better… With that said, the BMW is just that, a BMW. You don’t get much better and more precise then the 550i. It’s a car that will scream to 60 in 4.8s with less power. That’s impressive. Also, the 550 comes in a stick… The G8 GT will come in a stick in 2010. Just wait for that. That will be even more of a car. I love the G8 GT. But I love the 550 more. But if you have less than $40-50,000’s to spend on a sports sedan, I’d go with the G8. That is, unless you find a really nicely used 545i.

Pictures coming soon…


“Happy Motoring!”



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    The G8 is heavier? really? google it and fix your website. Slower? A drivers race. look up quarter mile times.0-60 in 4.8? google that too.

  • Josh Lewis

    Ben, do your research before commenting. The G8 GT weighed in at 4096 lbs (source:, while the E60 BMW 550i weighed in at 3963 lbs (source: Motor Trend, in the same sources I used, got the Pontiac G8 GT to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. The BMW 550i Sport only took 4.8 seconds. When you get your facts straight, come back and comment. Until then, I won’t update a damn thing. That’s why I do this job and you don’t.

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